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Workers' Compensation

Great majority of the injuries that are suffered on the job require some level of Physical Therapy. Physical therapists are experts in movement science and are therefore an integral part of the worker’s compensation healthcare team.

The job of the Physical Therapist is to help the patient achieve his/her highest level of physical function, regardless of the condition. It is almost routine procedure that after your first physician visit, you are referred to a physical therapy clinic for the appropriate level of rehabilitation.

It is highly probable that the physical therapist will see you with greater frequency than the physician. In many cases, the physical therapists may work with you 3 or 4 times per week, over a number of weeks, or even months, dependent upon the extent of your injury. The physical therapist can be a firsthand professional who can gauge your pain level before, during, and after completion of the therapy.

We at Pacesetter Physical Therapy keep accurate and detailed records on your pain complaints, your ability to perform certain exercises, and your overall progress during the program.