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Work Conditioning and Injury Prevention

If you are in need of work conditioning to help you return to work after an injury, you can turn to the experienced professionals from Pacesetter Physical Therapy. We provide exceptional, individualized rehabilitation services. Our therapists specialize in helping workers who have been injured on the job recover from injuries and return to work, as quickly as possible.

We Care For Worker’s Physical and Functional Needs

Our work conditioning programs addresses the physical and functional needs of the worker to enable timely return to work. The functional needs are simulated work activities. Through work conditioning, the injured worker will learn to perform job tasks in a safe manner and improve tolerance to repetitive activities.

The Work Conditioning Program lasts 12-25 visits total, depending upon physician orders and worker’s compensation approval. Programs are 3 to 5 days per week and last from 4-5 weeks.

Work Conditioning Program sessions vary in length but generally begin at 1 ½ to 2 hours and continue up to a maximum of 4 hours. The worker is progressed through the program, increasing duration, intensity, frequency, and type of activity (DIFT) each time the worker attends a session.

The Work Conditioning Program does NOT include typical physical therapy modalities such as heat, ice, massage, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, aquatics, etc. Those modalities and/or treatments are reserved for patients engaged in acute or subacute physical therapy programs.

Work conditioning provides a middle step in the return to work process. This can be vital as the injured worker moves from acute care to return to work, and can prevent re-injury in certain job settings.

We Teach and Condition Employees to Perform Their Work in a Safe Manner

We are committed to teaching and conditioning employees to perform their work in a safe manner. Our work conditioning programs are beneficial to both workers and their employers as they provide for a safer and more productive work environment.

If you are a worker or an employee, and are in need of work conditioning, we invite you to experience the Pacesetter Physical Therapy difference. Please contact our office today to schedule an appointment with one of our certified therapists. We look forward to serving you with exceptional, individualized physical and rehabilitation therapy.